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Dissolutions and Pre-Marital Agreements

Receive representation from John E.D. Nicholson, Attorney At Law to dissolve a marriage or to prepare pre-martial agreements in Paso Robles, California.

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

Our attorney at law is dedicated to providing full assistance through initial filing until final entry of judgments. We will represent you at all hearings up to and including trial. In addition, we will attend any hearings in regards to obtaining temporary or final support and/or custody of your children.

John E.D. Nicholson, Attorney At Law provides support and consultation in preparation of all documents concerning division of community property, obtaining necessary spousal and child support, and division of any related business assets.

Signing Divorce Papers

Pre-Marital Agreements

We will advise you during the preparation of pre-marital agreements. During our consultation, we prepare pre-marital or post-marital agreements and we review pre- or post-marital agreements presented to you to make sure they abide with the specific guidelines of California state law. 

Child Custody

 John E.D. Nicholson, Attorney At Law will work to represent you promptly and diligently during child custody disputes to dissolve any issues that may be presented. We are interested in discussing whatever dispute issue you may have and answer questions frankly to provide a realistic assessment of your situation.

Family Law Appeals

 Additionally, we have experience in preparing appeals. We will assist you with any divorce or family law related judgments you may decide to appeal.

Contact us today in Paso Robles, California, for more information about assisting you with your family law needs.